An Instinct For Kindness

Written and performed by Chris Larner – Directed by Hannah Eidinow
The Scotsman Fringe First Award Winner 2011


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Running time 70 minutes.

Last year, Chris Larner accompanied his chronically ill ex-wife to Switzerland’s Dignitas clinic. He came home with an empty wheelchair and a story to tell. This moving, bittersweet show reflects on the circumstances, morality and humanity surrounding the journey. Through a candid, poignant and sometimes comic performance, Chris explores both the profound personal implications and the wider ethical issues that surround the contentious topic.

The show premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe 2011, where it won the coveted Scotsman Fringe First Award and was featured on Newsnight Review as a highlight of the festival.

What the papers say…

‘Chris Larner tells his story simply, but with a Kitson-esque storytelling structure that constantly snakes back on itself, and with scrupulous, unflinching honesty. This is a show that reminds us that how we die is as important as how we live.’ **** The Guardian (view Guardian video coverage here)

‘Intensely moving, at times overwhelming. Larner relates it all with a clear-eyed, occasionally funny, occasionally horrifying lack of sentimentality.’ **** The Independent

‘A wonderfully subtle and deceptively understated performance. This is story-telling of a very high order.’ **** The Times

‘The word extraordinary is misapplied… but there’s few other words that do justice to Larner’s show.’ ***** Edinburgh Evening News

‘Whatever your personal response is to Allyson’s journey and Larner’s closeness to the story, this is highly moving and engaging theatre.’ **** The List

‘This is the most commanding and beautiful piece showing at the Fringe, an absolute must-see.’ ***** Festivals Magazine