Yippee Ki Yay

Premieres at Edinburgh Fringe 2022 – book here!

Richard Marsh in Yippee Ki Yay

When the feast was finished and the fires burned low, ancient bards would bring great heroes to life in verse. Fringe First award winner Richard Marsh will bring to life the modern hero John McClane. In a rhyming retelling of classic movie Die Hard.

High above Los Angeles, terrorists have seized a skyscraper, capturing everyone inside. Everyone? Not quite. One man managed to escape – an off-duty poet. A poet with a badge. He’s outnumbered, outgunned – and the hostages’ only hope.

This is an affectionate tribute to (and unauthorised parody of) the classic movie. Parody implies Richard will not taking this seriously. He absolutely will be. He says that as former London poetry slam champion, BBC Audio Drama Best Comedy winner and New York cop (one of these is untrue).

Content warning: divorce, foot trauma, German terrorists.

Praise for Dirty Great Love Story:

‘Lovely, witty, delicious… Warmly and fuzzily recommended’ ***** (Independent)

‘Restores your faith in human nature and the Fringe… bliss’ **** (Telegraph)

Praise for Wingman:

‘One of the most enjoyable low-fi finds of this year’s Fringe’ **** (Evening Standard)

‘Gloriously, upliftingly, unapologetically heart-warming. You leave with a tear in your eye and a generally restored faith in humanity.’ **** (Fest)